Experience the best way to plan your Program Increments in Jira

Working with dozens of teams on the same program (release train) can be challenging. Ativo proves it can be easy, too.

Leading organizations are using Ativo Programs to collaborate

Plan and deliver Program increments directly in Jira

No need to create your own dashboard

Thanks to Ativo Programs, your planning will always be up-to-date.

Keep the overview of dependencies

Implement the SAFe framework in the best way possible and let multiple teams collaborate.

Have a real impact

Sync your schedule with all teams and move forward together at lightning speed.

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The Jira plugin that will boost your teams

Ativo is the ultimate tool for managing large-scale SAFe programs with ease. Its user-friendly interface and practical, field-tested design make it the go-to choice for teams around the world looking to streamline their program tracking and scheduling.

One single space

Work directly in Jira instead of needing multiple tools. The dashboard also allows you to make team-level decisions quickly.

Get a clear view

Easily visualize what matters most with clear color coding and check the status of your program at a glance.

“Ativo Programs really helps us to manage and discover the dependencies.”

Eric Duivenvoorden


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"Superb overview of the features & program planning."

Laura Rummens

Director back office Payroll Services, Acerta

“Very useful to have a real time overview of a program to improve predictability.”

Cindy Rummens

Delivery lead, Acerta

Make your PI Planning easy with Ativo Programs

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