November 20, 2023

Ativo Programs partners with ACSOE in France

A cooperation for the benefit of scaled teams.


In 2023, ATIVO Programs and ACSOE decided to form a partnership to promote their collaboration and their common points for French organizations. The two companies, involved with their clients as part of the implementation of Agile at Scale organizations, want to develop their complementarity. ATIVO Programs develops a solution for the management of Agile programs integrated into JIRA, with great responsiveness in its ability to evolve the solution according to the needs of the users. ACSOE provides support and operational experience on the use of the solution.


An obvious cooperation!


The partnership between ATIVO Programs and ACSOE quickly appeared obvious for the two players in Agile @Scale organizational transformations. Indeed, Sébastien Gaudin, CEO of ACSOE and Agile Coach, needed, for a client in the international Retail world, to find an effective solution to manage interdependencies and risks to respond to the challenge cross-functional portfolio management, making daily life easier for teams.

By browsing the offer on the Atlassian Marketplace and after comparing several solutions, Ativo Programs very quickly revealed itself to Sébastien as the solution that best met the user’s and mission needs

It was at this moment that the relationship was created between Edwin (CEO of Ativo Programs)and Sébastien. To implement the solution at ACSOE's client, it was a matter of ensuring possibilities for adaptation to the specific needs of its context. This is how the exchanges between Sébastien and Edwin made it possible to add developments with high added value for the solution to the Ativo Programs backlog.

Support the implementation of Agile at scale organizations and secure portfolio management


Through this first collaboration, ATIVO Programs and ACSOE have highlighted their complementarity.

Ativo Programs, for its part, provides a solution for companies that are implementing or operating on an Agile Programs model (Agile Release Train). The solution, which brings together and provides information on interdependencies, risks, available capacities of different teams / programs, avoids duplicate work (exporting data from Jira to Excel for example), secures visibility on the objectives to be achieved , and the progress of the teams. Driven by the desire to facilitate the daily work of individuals and to stick as best as possible to the uses of its users, the Ativo Program teams collect user feedback to extract developments which quickly integrate the solution backlog.


For its part, ACSOE has been supporting companies since 2014 in the implementation or improvement of their AGILE operational model at scale when they need to synchronize and coordinate several Agile teams or trains. With its experience in contexts as varied as industry, the banking sector and even Retail, ACSOE is able to provide the operational perspective of solution users because its stakeholders work on a daily basis and in close proximity to the teams. Visual, transversal, easy management of interdependencies and risks is a major challenge in complex missions which must enable client activities to be maintained and deliver value.

The partnership between ATIVO Program and Acsoe therefore allows both players to provide their clients' teams with solutions and support for their activities and professions.

In addition, the partnership between the publisher of the solution and the team supporting it in the field is a facilitating factor for the appropriation of the tool and its use by its users.

More information : consult the ACSOE website (in French).

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About the Author: Edwin Rozie
Edwin is Master in Engineering and Master of Management. He has 10 years of experience managing strategic IT programs. His focus is on agile planning, clear communication, leading teams and mitigating issues. He is certified SAFe Advanced Scrum Master, MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) Practitioner and Prince 2 Practitioner.
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