Ativo programs

The go-to SAFe solution for Jira

Ativo Programs is a practical and easy-to-use Jira plugin that simplifies SAFe program management. Say goodbye to chaos and hello to streamlining your program tracking and scheduling for effortless organization.

Leading organizations are using Ativo Programs to collaborate

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"Very useful to have a real time overview of a program to improve predictability."

Cindy Rummens, Delivery lead, Acerta

"Superb overview of the features & program planning."

Lara Rummens, Director back office Payroll Services, Acerta

All the features you need to run an Agile Release Train.

Manage cross-team dependencies

View contributions from other teams and plot cross-team dependency stories for better collaboration and coordination. This allows teams to identify potential roadblocks and adjust their plans for better program outcomes.

Identify unrealistic dependencies with automatic red highlighting

Easily create dependencies on the program board

Keep your program board organized by filtering out excess dependencies

Set PI objectives

Set PI objectives at both program and team level. Program-level objectives align all teams, while additional team-level objectives can be set for more specific goals.

Define objectives at both program and team level

Set both committed and uncommitted objectives

Inspect release train reliability with the program predicability measure

Define team capacities

Keep track of team availability and capacity for optimal program planning and scheduling.

Unlock the full potential of teams by defining their capacity per sprint

Adjust capacity to account for ramp-ups, holidays and IP iteration

Too many stories scheduled for a sprint? Ativo highlights this in red

Get the progress insights you need

Track progress efficiently with insights from real-time data and reporting capabilities so you can make data-driven decisions.

Use the Progress View to facilitate Scrum of Scrums and Art Syncs

Track the progress with real-time synchronization of Jira team boards

Consolidate data for comprehensive team or program-level insights

Make your PI Planning easy with Ativo Programs

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